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Kyson & B​.​D. Graft (Deluxe Edition - "D​.​P​.​B​.​H")

by Kyson & B.D. Graft

  • Kyson - Deluxe Edition (D.P.B.H)

    As part of the "Deluxe Edition" of Kyson's self titled album on B3Science Records we are happy to announce that there is a limited edition of 50 special edition packages available through Average Negative that include the following:

    - Vinyl of "Kyson" + additional bonus album vinyl
    - Double gatefold sleeve with printed insert
    - book of artworks by B.D.Graft, printed on 180 gram recycled paper
    - All limited edition packages are numbered and signed and have enclosed a personal note from Kyson

    A Note from Kyson
    " When I was making my album in 2018/2019 I decided to make sure to release some of the other recordings that I made during the process, most of which are instrumental and very textural sketches that probably form the most important part of my creative process. They are meditations that lead into songs and the moments that give clarity to what I am doing everyday. I wanted to pair these recordings with artworks from @b.d.graft and release it as a special "Bonus" disc as well as a self-made book alongside the album as a way to further connect the story of my record with its visuals. The album “KYSON” is an exploration into my background, my childhood, my heritage and where I "come" from. It is a very personal record that deals with a lot of questions I was keen to explore. I am especially interested in the idea of memories that may not seem fully formed in the mind, specifically how these memories can carry emotions and moods that have a huge impact on how we feel in the present moment. I wanted to explore this with Brian's art and especially his "Add Yellow" Series. We worked together to create a body of almost 40 pieces of art which are presented together in this book. I went home to Adelaide, Australia and took as many photos as I could from the storage in my family home. Some of these photos hold great importance and pictured are people I love dearly, look up to and have learned so much from. However, some are of family members I barely “knew” and moments I can barely recall. The idea was to create a book of memories that not even I could fully put together clearly. Brian would then connect and add his signature yellow to further deepen the feeling of these partial memories. In some ways it may seem harsh to cover up these faces of people, but for me it's beautiful to know that just the presence of a person in your life can shape so many moments regardless of how clearly you remember their faces. This record is dedicated to these people and moments that influenced who I am today, even if I wasn't aware of it back then.

    Thank you for supporting my art!
    Love from Jian a.k.a. Kyson"

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    Sold Out


Average Negative is lucky to able to sell this physical Deluxe edition of the album originally released and licensed by B3Sci Records.

Please head over to : kyson.bandcamp.com to purchase the standard edition and audio.


released April 10, 2020



Average Negative Berlin, Germany

Average Negative is a Berlin based, cross platform label: an ongoing series of multidisciplinary art projects released in unique and varied forms. No genre.

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